Dr. Brittany Haupt

Dr. Brittany is excited to be in Bay City to bring her abilities to the hard working people of this community. She has grown up in a chiropractic family, with her mom treating her throughout her life keeping her healthy to always go to school and to participate in sports year round. She grew up playing soccer, volleyball, and swimming so to say the least, chiropractic care was a must! From business to patient care her mom has taught her immensely! Most of all she sees chiropractic as a lifestyle for people of all kinds, young to old, hard working to hard playing!

Dr. Brittany received her doctorate in chiropractic from the founding school of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida campus, one of the most well known chiropractic schools in the country. Through school she had exposure to all kinds of treatments, chiropractic, nutrition, therapeutic exercises, soft tissue treatment, and more. This gives her the ability to keep all options open for the care she delivers. Her treatment plans are based on what she sees as the best option for the patient but also more importantly on how the patients respond best! 


Dr. Brittany's History

Dr. Brittany practiced in Colorado Springs for four years in the office of the founder of Active Release Techniques, Dr. Michael Leahy. Her body awareness, through her own experience with sports of all kinds, gives her the ability to understand what patients are dealing with when they come in seeking her care.

The unique combinations of chiropractic with her Active Release Techniques training allows her to target her therapy with precision. Dr. Brittany is one of the few Elite ART providers in the state of Michigan that has earned Elite Provider status within ART.

Her certifications include Active Release Technique (ART) Full Body, Mckenzie, Rock Tape, Graston/ FAKTR, and SFMA.

When Dr. Brittany isn’t helping patients, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, being on the water, and soaking up the outdoors! Her world also revolves around playing with her dog, a lab named Costa.

Dr. Ashley Jordan

Dr. Ashley grew up relatively local in up in Tawas and then moved south to Freeland,MI for high school. She played softball all through the years and she continued to play at SVSU all four years. She then received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida.

Palmer gave Dr. Ashley a widespread exposure to different styles of treatment. This fueled her drive to learn many techniques to give her a big “tool box” to use with patients. Her approach is multi-dimensional which allows her to make personalized care plans for all types of patients.


Dr. Ashley's Experience

Dr. Ashley has had experience with offices that focus on nutrition, rehab, and overall wellness and finds this advantageous because it allows her to view the patients health and recovery from a 360 degree view.

Her certifications include Mckenzie, Rock Tape, Active Release Technique (ART), Graston, and FMS.

In her free time, Dr. Ashley enjoys being outdoors; kayaking, snowboarding, and staying active. She is excited to be back in her home state and is ready to help everyone in the community reach their optimum potential.

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