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A chiropractic adjustment will make your body feel amazing. Other terminologies for chiropractic adjustments are as follows: chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation.

The adjustment refers to the manipulation of the vertebrae that has abnormal movements and are not functioning properly. A chiropractic adjustment will assist in alleviating these issues. The goal of chiropractic treatment is to mobilize the joint fixation to increase the range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve mobility.

Our compassionate and qualified chiropractors will work with you to relieve this pain and get you back to being pain-free every single day.

Trying To Find The Best Chiropractor In Bay City, Michigan?
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If you are suffering from a musculoskeletal health challenge or have chronic pain, the most important aspect of recovering is making the right choice in healthcare practitioner.

It is important to find a knowledgeable chiropractor that can treat your condition. However, there are some basic questions you should consider asking a chiropractor so you can know if the chiropractor is the right person you should see for your musculoskeletal health complaint.

Asking the right questions can go a long way in helping you determine the level of competence of a chiropractor.


What experience do you have in the field of chiropractic?

It is important to find out the level of experience of the chiropractor. An experienced chiropractor should be well versed in treating different conditions. You may request a free consultation from the chiropractor and use that opportunity to find out how successful the chiropractor is in treating a certain type of health condition. You need a chiropractor you are comfortable with, and finding an experienced chiropractor in Bay City may be enough to calm your nerves that you are in the right hands. Ask if the doctor has specialized or has any additional training beyond that of Doctor of Chiropractic. For example, there are specialization in many areas and can get what is called a Diplomate. Diplomate specializations can be in fields such as orthopedics, neurology, sports, and rehabilitation to name a few. 


What techniques or treatment strategies do you practice?

Chiropractors use different techniques in providing relief for patients for different musculoskeletal conditions. You may want to ask the chiropractor if he or she can perform multiple chiropractic techniques to treat different health conditions. You may be sure and inquire whether or not the doctor incorporates a multifaceted approach. For example, the research literature is clear that a robust system of exercise/rehabilitation combined with spinal manipulative therapy (chiropractic adjustments) provides superior outcomes when compared to either treatment modality by itself. More recent research has shown the incredible effectiveness of rehabilitative exercises, balance training, and low-level laser as modalities chiropractors can use as leverage against your pain.

Some of the techniques associated with Lake Effect Chiropractic are:

An Elite Provider for Active Release Technique
"Rock Doc" with Rock Tape
The McKenzie Method among others.

Doctors with specialization are typically going to be much more capable in helping you get over the hump and resolve your complaint.   

What is your average visit recommendation or case length?

If you are offered 50 treatments in a year, you are not in the right office. You should leave. A common tactic for some chiropractors is to take x-rays of the neck area. Even if there has been no trauma or reason to take x-rays. Then, they begin pointing out how there is a decreased curve in your neck and all of the horrible things a decreased curve can lead to.

They then tell you they can fix it but it will take around 50-70 visits within a year and you can pay for that upfront if you like. The first thing you need to know is that the measure of a good chiropractor should be how FEW visits it takes to get past your pain and get on with your life.

The second thing to understand is that any recommendations beyond three visits per week for 2-4 weeks as a trial period, according to most guidelines and according to most experts in the field, is simply out of line and is not patient-centered.

‘Patient-centered’ is when the doctor does everything in the best interest of the patient, not in the best interest of profit to the doctor’s office. When profit comes before the patient, it is termed a ‘Doctor-centered’ practice. Patient-centered practices have shorter, trial recommendations and the treatment schedule are adjusted in accordance with how you respond to treatment. Anything less indicates you need to find a different doctor.

How much are your fees?

The amount of money charged for treatment may differ among chiropractors in Bay City base on several factors, including their level of expertise. A good, responsible and open office will not mind being very clear about their fees upfront. Do not be afraid to ask about the cost of your visit before you get started. It should be customary to cover costs prior to commencing treatment.

It is important to understand a doctor is compensated in accordance with their level of education, experience, and skill. Just because one is high priced than the other does not mean they are unethical. For example, you would expect to pay an orthopedic surgeon a higher fee to evaluate you than you would expect to pay a general practitioner. This is common sense. In the same way, you should expect to pay a chiropractic neurologist (a Diplomate) more for your evaluation and treatment than your regular general family chiropractor. The clinical evaluation is at a higher level as is every aspect of treatment.

Regardless, any office that is patient-centered is happy to go over their fees with you and have staff specially trained in billing that is happy to help. Another thing to realize is that if you have health insurance, and the office participates with that plan, they are contracted to collect the contracted rates that are assigned to your health benefits that you chose. 

Do you provide free consultations?

Most patients would prefer a situation where they can talk with the chiropractor to explain their condition and also to determine if the chiropractor would be capable of taking good care of them. You can call the office to find out if the chiropractor would give you a free consultation before your first visit. Most are happy to set aside a few minutes to meet you, discuss if they think they can help.

No-charge consultations can go a long way to alleviating the ‘fear of the unknown’ in apprehensive patients and helping them get over any mental barriers to calling and making an appointment.  


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